Black Witch Moths Come for a Visit

In Hawaii, it is commonly thought that when the Black Witch moth or Ascalapha Odorata, visits, that it is the spirit of a passed loved one coming to check up on you or to say their goodbyes.

Not seen regularly, a visit often follows the death of a loved one, but can also occur when something has changed or shifted in your home life. We were still shaken after the sudden and unexpected death of Mickey, but his visit was evident when a small Black Witch moth flew inside our home 5 days after Ola came into our home.  This was during my workday and this moth settled in my work bathroom where I go in and out of repeatedly while working in the pool throughout the day.

Normally they don’t come into the house but this one stayed in my bathroom all morning and I was thinking how am I going to take him outside safely.  Well, when I went to make Ola’s lunch it flew into the kitchen and rested on the screen above our sink.  So I went outside and opened the screen and he flew out and rested on the outside of the screen for a couple of hours.  Yes, I talked to Mickey’s spirit and thanked him for being a part of our lives AND for bringing Ola into our lives to fill the huge void that his passing had left.


Here another spirit came for a visit 2 days later. And, 11 days after Ola came to live with us another moth spirit visited. All checking out the new kid!



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