Exhausting Young Puppy Phase!


Anyone who has raised numerous puppies knows that this 8 week old period is EXHAUSTING. Here we are early in the morning after Ola has eaten his breakfast.  Lack of sleep due to multiple trips out during the middle of the night to get Ola use to relieving himself “on the grass” only is a well worthwhile method of “Prevention” training. This also includes methodical play training and steady socialization with the goal of developing a confident, bonded and reliable adult that you EARNED!
It’s important to be aware that your puppy will go through documented Critical Periods. Right now Ola is in the First Fear Imprint Period, which is 8-11 weeks.  Perceived scary events that have unconsciously and incorrectly nurtured or not resolved through redirecting or distraction may manifest in adulthood as undesirable quirks.

For example, the other night my husband was washing dishes and broke a dish. Ola startled and tried to scurry away, but I worked at getting him to snap out of it by getting him to play with a toy. It took some work but he eventually engaged and the experience in his mind turned out fine.  In contrast, incorrectly soothing him would have only reinforced that loud noises were to be feared.

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