The French Bulldogs’ signature “bat ears” give them that Je ne sais quoi. When Ola’s cute puppy dropped ears weren’t standing on their own, his breeder suggested I tape them to encourage them to stand.

Of course, some of my friends liked the dropped ear look and encouraged me to just leave it alone.

The idea of taping brought back bad memories of when I cropped my Boxers ears so that they could be shown in AKC Conformation Shows—yes, even though this procedure has been done since ancient times, I can’t believe we did this and thank goodness this procedure is not required by the AKC for Boxers anymore.

Ola’s ears were trying to stand. When he looked up or slept on his side they would stand upright. Due to his extra wrinkles it was making it more challenging.

I had been supplementing Ola’s diet with chicken feet soup which is rich in cartilage and connective tissue to encourage them to stand.  But it wasn’t working and normally the ears would have been standing by now.

So as suggested, I simply used packing tape to encourage them to stand, making sure to check the edges regularly in case of irritation.

After 3 days, Ola started to scratch at the tape, so I gently worked them off and his ears were standing beautifully!  Never had to tape them again. Signature “bat ears” that are unique to only Frenchies!

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