The Therapy

The evolution of therapy work with canines started when Janis’ first generation of Boxers (1980’s) began having orthopedic challenges. Analyzing massage books along with canine structure and movement books, as part of her work on her Boxers, she learned over the years through her hands on experience. As years went by, her friends with aging dogs started asking for her therapy assistance.

This was followed by Dr. Francis Kamiya of Newtown Veterinary Clinic asking for assistance with a client who after a successful surgery needed extra therapy to function better. It was so rewarding to help canines feel and function better that she asked Dr. Francis what he thought of her developing and offering canine therapy services to others in the community.

With the support of her husband, Paul and Dr. Kamiya who was equally as enthusiastic of Janis’ efforts and after a “Veterinarian Open House” to which holistic minded practitioners were invited, Cherished Movement, LLC was born!

Before the Therapy
Information to know prior to attending therapy sessions in order to help maintain a healthy environment for all therapy attendees:

1. Prior to your first appointment your veterinarian must fill out a Veterinarian Information Form.

2. Make sure that your canine keiki is free of internal and external parasites.

3. Make sure your canine keiki is not acutely ill--- symptoms indicating this may include unusual eye or nose discharge, diarrhea, vomiting or coughing.

4. Properly fitted Floatation Vest ... a good brand is Outward Hound.

5. Bring towels for drying.

6. Having your pet have an empty stomach is important ... a minimum of 3 hours “away” from food is appropriate.

7. Have your canine keiki eliminate prior to water therapy.

8. Being prompt to your appointment is appreciated.


May prevent orthopedic
surgery for canines at risk

Promote healing post-surgical

Promote geriatric comfort and mobility

Spiritual transition

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Water Therapy
Water Therapy
Water Therapy
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