Toy Box Training Tool!
Setting up a toy box will allow you to REDIRECT any illegal activity.
When Ola starts chewing on that tab under our ottoman or anything illegal, we can get him to go to the “toy box” and play with a LEGAL toy where he is praised!!!!
Ola isn’t even told “no” or “ah-ah” because he does not know anything at this point.
We are right there to guide him to what is desirable for praise.
Yes, puppy training is exhausting and requires hawk-eyes to nurture behaviors that are desirable within your home!!
Much easier than back tracking and trying to retrain “bad-annoying-dangerous-dump at shelter” habits as an adult dog.
Top priorities are crate-condo training to promote a clean-undamaged home and safety for your pup.
It’s a brief and wonderful period to embrace.
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