Vaccinate with CAUTION!

As the “Primary Care Giver” for your fur child, it is important that you are aware that there are risks to approving unnecessary vaccinations. Veterinarians who are “Holistic” minded will not push a standard protocol NOR standard boosters, but personalize what is administered because chronic inflammatory conditions could result in lifetime challenges regarding skin allergies, auto-immune diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases, etc. Committed holistic veterinarians admit that there is a growing epidemic regarding these CHRONIC diseases.

One study indicated that the United States has the highest rate of vaccinated human children in the world and also the most sickly population of children among the developed countries.  This should bring about concerns regarding the direction our medical and veterinarian fields are heading in with regards to the growing number of new vaccines coming out each year.  Some other thoughts to ponder are related to the reasons that the pharmaceutical industry is so lucrative with strong political influence such as protection by Congress through the national Vaccine Injury Act.  Likewise, it makes one wonder about who helps fund the classes and information provided to veterinarians regarding the “latest and greatest”  vaccines….

When our puppy, OLA was still with his breeder, I asked her to withhold giving him the standard 6 week multi-dose (first of three rounds) vaccine.  After much research regarding the practices of some of the most prominent world renowned veterinarian immunologists, I decided to not give the “standard series” to my dog but to go with a ONE time “Core only” vaccination (parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus) at the age of 16 weeks.  This manner of vaccination would avoid an unnecessary vaccine series that could prevent his young and immature immune system from being overwhelmed by harmful mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde doses.

Waiting until OLA was 16 weeks old before vaccinating him ensured that his Dam’s antibodies would not interfere with the vaccine.  A “Titer” 2 weeks after proved that by following this process he had developed the desired antibodies to protect his health.

The challenge for me was to keep OLA’S natural immune system strong and clear from infection after his Dam’s anti-bodies cleared his system.

OLA’S next post will focus upon what followed during weeks 8 to 18, since I knew that it was very important to properly socialize him while at the same time keeping him safe from infections.


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