Feeding Ola in his crate-condo has been the norm to make the association a positive one.  Sleep deprived and at 5:30 a.m., I missed fitting his bowl through the opening.  Yes, it appears big enough but I should have squatted lower.  So I made a big mess on our carpet with his BARF (biologically appropriate raw food diet) goat’s milk, Okinawa purple sweet potato, chicken and supplements!  OMG!!! Ola ate what was left in the bowl while I cleaned up the mess!

Technique from years of having fur kids in our home. First Step-Sop, sop, sop up what was spilled. Second Step-Flush with water and sop up–repeated numerous times.  Third Step-White vinegar flush and sop up.  Final Step- to complete disinfecting action is Hydrogen Peroxide flush and sop up.  Just a little elbow grease to wake you up and clean your carpet without health compromising toxic chemicals.  Run Dehumidifier until dry to prevent mold from growing.






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